4 Easy and Cute Attraction Ideas for a Date Night at Home

4 Easy and Cute Attraction Ideas for a Date Night at Home

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You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone looking for outfit ideas for a date night at home over the past two months, but as local restaurants and bars slowly reopen, you may have a sudden urge to finally ditch the elastic waistband, Wear that cute dress you bought pre-quarantine.

An endless rotation of sweatpants and leggings can throw most people into a style rut — so to help you break free from knits and nylons, we turned to some of our favorite ladies on Instagram for some fresh at-home date night   clothing ideas. From dresses with billowy sleeves to silky slippers, these looks will ease your nostalgia for white tablecloths. Below is the full menu.

classic dress

Dresses are wardrobe essentials that you can wear now and in the future. They can instantly dress up all kinds of quarantine date night activities, from binge-watching “Normal People” to finally completing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Layer your skirt over a white tee, or throw on a cute cardigan if the air conditioner is already blowing.

funny tops

If you have plans for a Zoom date, a playful top will stand out in the four-by-four-inch grainy box, and you can wear it with a variety of bottoms. You can choose tops with interesting necklines, pleats or open back details to cover anything from skirts to (comfortable) work pants or straight-leg jeans.

balloon dress

Whether it’s your first (virtual) date or your hundredth, puffed shoulders and large, flowy sleeves are an effortless way to feel like you’re in pajamas while still being yourself dress up. The relaxed fit of these dresses will keep you cool on warmer days, while the sleeves will keep you comfortable on post-dinner walks.

well-groomed sweatshirt

Quarantine shows that being super comfy and super cute isn’t mutually exclusive when it comes to layering an undershirt. Styles today are no longer awkwardly oversized, and you can jazz up any outfit by simply adding gold jewelry, a few spritzers, and furry socks that you really want to show off.