Believe it or not, mushrooms might be just what your dry skin is craving

The cooler months of the year are filled with festivities due to the holiday season.
While this is the happiest time of year for most people, cooler temperatures can leave many of us with dry and dull skin—and mushrooms might be the answer you’re looking for.
Mushrooms are special in that they have various healing properties both internally and externally. If you look at skincare products dedicated to anti-aging, whitening, calming, and moisturizing, there’s a good chance you’ll see some type of mushroom as an ingredient.
Mushrooms, whether extracted and applied topically or ingested, have further been found to reduce inflammation while acting as an antioxidant, making them a key ingredient in the fight against dull and dry skin throughout winter. Beta-glucan, for example, is known to improve the skin barrier, and luckily for those who suffer skin damage during the winter months — it’s found in mushrooms.
Ahead, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jeannette Graf and other skincare experts explain why mushrooms are good for your skin health in winter and share how you can incorporate this ingredient into your skincare routine.

Why do some people experience dull and dry skin in winter?

Dermatologist Ramya Garlapati, MD, FAAD, explains that dry skin can get worse in winter due to several factors. “During winter, cold outdoor weather and decreased humidity can strip the skin of its natural skin barrier,” she says. This, combined with people turning on the heat and taking prolonged hot showers, can also lead to a deterioration of the skin barrier, resulting in dull, dry and itchy skin.
This condition can also often be due to a lack of hydration and moisturizing. “It’s important to make sure the skin is moisturized and to take precautions,” says Dr. Graff. This can be achieved by making sure the air inside is moist and that you apply a heavy cream topically. the

What Are the Benefits of Mushrooms for Skin?

Mushrooms can help with the overall health and appearance of your skin. They have the ability to draw water into the skin and are rich in fatty acids that help retain moisture and maintain the skin barrier. Incorporating mushrooms into your skincare routine can help in many ways, eg.

. Promotes collagen production
. Provides antioxidant protection for the skin
. brighten skin
. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin
. Provides anti-aging benefits
. Provides anti-inflammatory benefits
. Balanced pH Levels
. reduce acne
. as a source of vitamin D

Who Can Benefit Most from Mushrooms in Skincare?

Dry skin types can benefit the most from this, as mushrooms can help increase hydration and reduce the itchiness associated with dry and flaky skin. “The antioxidants in mushrooms will also help reduce skin inflammation and relieve symptoms like eczema and psoriasis,” explains Dr. Graf.
How to Incorporate Mushrooms into Your Skincare Routine
Skin care products infused with mushrooms can be used topically as a quick remedy for dryness and other ailments. “Some mushrooms are found in skin care and cosmetic products, and when they’re listed as an ingredient, it’s beneficial because mushrooms do contain anti-aging and skin [brightening] properties,” shares Dr. Graf.
“Products containing mushrooms can be found in serums, lotions, creams, and various other skin care products,” adds Dr Galapati.
Some of our favorite products include Drunk Elephant’s Protini Powerpeptide Resurfacing Serum, Youth to the People’s Adaptogen Deep Moisture Cream, and Humanrace’s Humidifying Face Cream.
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