Hair Accessories Are a Playful Beauty Trend for the Holidays

Now is the time to shine and shine.
When you’re not ready to change up your hair color or hairstyle, hair accessories are a quick, fun way to change up your look. While we love statement headbands and sparkly clips as much as anyone, hair accessories have to be some of the funniest when it comes to hair accessories. Unlike clips and headbands, strands intertwine with your natural hair to create fun, shiny, and highlighted strands.
Like other 2000s beauty trends, like butterfly clips and herringbone hair accessories, hair accessories are having a renaissance on TikTok. The hashtag #fairyhair (another name for hair) has amassed nearly 50 million views on the social media app.
So we asked Ulta Beauty pro team member and celebrity hairstylist Danielle Keasling to share all there is to know about hairspray. Read on for all her tips, from how long it lasts to how it should be applied.

What is Hairspray?

As the name suggests, it’s filigree applied to the hair, but it’s also known as “fairy hair”.
“[It’s] tiny strands of gold in various shades or iridescence that hold into your hair to add a pop of color or shine without any major maintenance or permanent changes,” Keasling elaborates.

Can damask be applied to all hair types?

yes! Hair accessories can be attached to every hair type, from super straight to 4C curly hair. Keasling assures that some bobby pins can be styled with very low heat or even steam, and can also be incorporated into loose waves and larger curled patterns.
“It can also be incorporated into a variety of styles, including braids, twists and ponytails,” she adds. Thus, the styling possibilities are endless.
Then, once the gold wire is added, Keasling says it can stay put for four to eight weeks.

What’s the best way to use hairspray at home?

Check out this hairstylist’s step-by-step tutorial below.
Wash and dry. Before prepping for this hairstyle, wash and dry your hair.
Part the hair. First, use a sectioning tool such as the back of a long comb and tinfoil in the color of your choice. “First, start sectioning at the bottom of your head and work your way up in rows,” says Kissing. “For each section, grab a smaller section of hair with the end of the parting tool and tie two to three pieces of color strips at the root of the hair, as close to the scalp as possible.” Around the head (ear to ear), according to Cut pieces every few inches for the look you want.
Ties at roots. Once you know where you want the color bar to go, use a small micro ring to attach the color bar to the small section you picked.
prune. Once the strips are in place, finish the look by trimming the strips to match your natural length, stylists say.






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