How to Master Soft Glamor Makeup, Say the Experts

If you have an Instagram or TikTok account, you can be sure that you’ve scrolled through “glamor” videos of celebrities before special events. What you’re probably thinking of is a slightly over-the-top makeup look, like the glamor lessons the Kardashian sisters shared. But lately there’s been a movement away from strongly contoured cheekbones and dramatic cut shadows. Enter a soft glamor look. She’s the middle sister who bridges the gap between no-makeup and all-out glamour.
Girls with makeup challenges, this one is for you. The “soft” part of soft glamor makeup refers to the blurred, blended look, which is what this trend is all about. Think of it like swiping a Paris filter on your Insta Stories — any harsh lines or contrast disappear, and you’re left with a smooth, beautiful canvas. the
We spoke to professional makeup artists about their take on soft glamour, and learned how to recreate the look that’s garnered nearly 400 million views on TikTok. the
“Take 50 percent less of everything you do for a complete glamor look,” says celebrity makeup artist and founder of her eponymous makeup line, Monika Blunder. “Halve the coverage of your foundation and concealer, and half the amount of eye makeup, blush, bronzer, etc. Now, for a low-key person who usually doesn’t dress fancy, copy this look It might actually take a little more makeup than usual, but the most important experience is blending, blending, blending so you’re left with a seamless vibe. 
Nick Lujan, Kevyn Aucoin’s global director of art and education, echoed the idea that soft glamour isn’t “overdone,” saying the trend is about “addressing every element of the five senses, but with softer colors and natural textures.”

Another interpretation of soft glamor is to create a monochromatic look, meaning the products used for the eyes, lips and cheeks are all in the same shade. Jackie Aina created a YouTube video in 2019 in which she speaks of feminine allure as being all about “taupe, beige, and brown, as long as it’s a color that’s natural to your skin tone.” Bruder agrees to stick with the soft appeal of neutral tones because it “makes everything look casual and cohesive.”


“The key is to warm up and nourish the skin,” says Lujan, who recommends starting with Tatcha Dewy Skin Cream, since feminine glamour calls for “radiant skin with a hint of light reflection.” A moisturizer like this acts as a hydrating primer and leaves a dewy finish before you even start, allowing you to use less or skip highlighter altogether at the end.
Choosing a buildable underlying product is king, says Bruder. Go for a multi-layered product if you need more coverage, but don’t start if you’re not going to use a full-coverage foundation. In her line, there’s Blunder Cover, which comes in 20 shades and contains ingredients that are good for your skin, like arnica, sorrel, and moisturizing oils. “If you need extra coverage around the eyes, you can use a lightweight concealer like Kevyn Aucoin Etherealist Super Natural Concealer,” says Lujan. the
To finish the complexion, Lujan instructs to “set the skin with a layer of loose powder to help create a smooth/even canvas”. Laura Macy’s Translucent Setting Powder comes in three shades, and there’s a glow option too if you want to crank up the brightness.

It’s all about the eyes

For Donni Davy, a celebrity makeup artist and the creative genius behind the fiery eye makeup seen on Euphoria, “soft glam is about blended, diffused eyeshadow and intense lashes.” . (So basically, it’s the opposite of the bold graphic look you get on outrageous teen dramas.) She said: “The best thing about it [soft charm] is that you don’t have to be very precise Skill because… no eyeliner! “.
Davy says to start by rubbing an eye primer on the lid with a shadow brush. Ilia Natural Brightening Primer is great even for oily eyelids. Next, you’ll create a halo effect around your eyes. Davy recommends choosing an eyeshadow that’s about the same shade as your skin tone, either matte or shimmery, and “trays the color beyond your creases, below your lower lash line.” Then Pick a shade that will stand out a bit more, like Glamorust from Davy’s Half Magic collection, and swirl it on your lids. Finish with a darker shade and grind it into your lash line. She reminds us: “It’s not about precise thin lines,” she says. “It’s not about drawing precise lines, it’s about creating soft, smudged, smoky effects,” she reminds us. Go over your craft with a clean shadow brush and make sure everything is really blended and diffused.
For brows, clear gel formulas and rollers like Refy Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel will be your best friends—all you have to do is brush the hairs up and hold them in place. A blocky brow that looks harsh is the exact opposite of what this look calls for. Finish the eyes with a generous amount of mascara.

Go natural on lips and cheeks

Remember, the goal is not to have any harsh lines or too strong colors. For blush, use a large, fluffy brush to dab a subtle coral or nude pink like Nars Blush in Luster, starting at the hairline and ending on the apples of the cheekbones, dotting along the cheekbones. This technique will still have a lifting and sculpting effect, but doesn’t require traditional contouring. Pro Tip: Use what’s left of your blush brush and dab it over the lids to get closer to blending the subject and really tie the look together. Apply your lip color with your lip liner, then “run your fingertips along it to soften the edges,” says David. On top, opt for a creamy crayon like Honest Beauty, which comes in eight semi-matte colors that leave lips feeling dewy but looking chic.






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