I’m cold” makeup is the angelic winter trend across TikTok

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If you’re not on TikTok, or you’re not on the BeautyTok side, you probably aren’t super aware of niche makeup trends that the app has a habit of making viral. But don’t worry, we’re here to educate you that the latest trends are here to stay for the foreseeable future (or at least as long as the weather is cold). Please see. “I’m cold” makeup. Also known as “cold girl” makeup, it’s a look that “says ‘I’ve just been in the snow,’” says New York City-based makeup artist Judy Gabe.
Meet our experts: New York City-based makeup artist Judi Gabbay, CTZN Cosmetics co-founder and professional makeup artist Naseeha Khan, professional makeup artist Nydia Figueroa, celebrity makeup and hairstylist Allison Kaye in South Florida, and SIMIHAZE BEAUTY, ISAMAYA BEAUTY and Off-White Beauty’s chief beauty product officer, Melanie Dir.
Below, read the winter-related makeup trend, why it’s all the rage right now, and how to do it for yourself.

What Is the “I’m Cold” Makeup Trend?

First things first: the “I’m cold” makeup trend basically mimics the natural effects of cold weather on your face. “It’s a glossy finish where your makeup mimics the look of blush and frost tones,” says professional makeup artist Naseeha Khan, co-founder of CTZN Cosmetics.
“You create the cold-weather element on the face, like blush on the cheeks being swept across the nose,” says professional makeup artist Nydia Figueroa. She added that there were also cool-toned highlights on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, and Cupid’s bow, as well as silver eyeshadow and sheer lip gloss in the corners of the eyes.
Basically, think of the summer sunburn blush trend, but turn it into a winter version, says South Florida-based celebrity makeup and hairstylist Allison Kaye. “The most important part of this look is the blush, which is usually a more pigmented, cool-toned color that drags on the cheeks and bridge of the nose,” she adds.
As for who’s jumping on the trend, primarily Gen Z and millennial personnel, the experts agree. “I find the freshness of this look appealing to all ages and genders,” said Melanie Dir, chief beauty product officer for SIMIHAZE BEAUTY, ISAMAYA BEAUTY and Off-White Beauty.

Why is it so popular now?

Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way: it’s winter, so it fits with the theme of the season. It marries the beloved “cute” aesthetic with the winter and cold weather most of us are living in right now,” says Khan.
But outside of the weather, it’s still a popular trend among celebrities like Hailey Bieber and SZA, Figueroa added. “A clean, glossy look is something that’s always being reinvented in fashion and on the red carpet,” she says.
Besides coinciding with the time of year, what’s another reason for a trend to go viral? Because they are easy. Grim-girl makeup “requires no artistic expertise, really,” Diehl says. “Plus, it’s super cute and looks good on everyone.”

How to Achieve the “I’m Cold” Makeup Look

Here’s a step-by-step guide to achieving this look.

1:First, start with cleansed skin and apply lotion or cream to lock in your dewy glow. “For optimal results, it’s all about hydrated, fresh, dewy skin,” says Dill. “The canvas needs to be really perfected in a natural way.” Follow up with a good liquid foundation, or opt for a tinted moisturizer and topical concealer, advise Gabbay and Figueroa.

2: Afterwards, apply powder only in areas that create unwanted shine, “like laugh lines or the middle of the forehead,” adds Figueroa.

3:Then, on to the most important part: the blush, which can be a pink cream or an intense blush. Swipe across your face in a “W” motion—from the tops of your cheekbones to the apples of your cheeks and down the bridge of your nose for a cool (but natural!) look, says Kaye. “The skin should still show, as if the cheeks had been exposed for walking on snow,” says Dir. (You can also use lipstick as blush, Khan points out, but use a little at a time).

4:Next is the highlighter. Make sure you use a cool-toned highlighter on your nose, cheeks, and cupid’s bow. You can use very little eyeshadow afterwards – a silvery metallic on the inner corner of your eye and a little on your lids, but keep it as natural as possible. “Feel free to add a little eyeliner or your favorite lashes/mascara to pull up the look,” says Figueroa.

5:Finally, add a sheer gloss to look as glassy as possible, or dye it a shade similar to your natural lip color. If you want, you can also layer some on bare lashes to make them look glossy, says Khan.






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