Leave it to Isamaya Ffrench to Make the Most NSFW Lipstick We’ve Ever Seen

Leave it to Isamaya Ffrench to Make the Most NSFW Lipstick We’ve Ever Seen

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Makeup artist Isamaya French has taken the age-old advertising adage “sex sells big” and given it a literal interpretation. Dubbed “Lipsticks,” the latest capsule collection from her eponymous makeup brand brings phallic imagery to the makeup world. The line, which debuted on Thursday, features two refillable lipsticks — said to be inspired by “post-Italian Renaissance male forms” — that come in tubes shaped like, yes, penises.

“Isamaya is about elevating the artistry, both concept and design, of products we love,” Ffrench said in a release. “I’m always looking for originality and adventure, taking an authentic and unabashed approach to beauty and imagery”.

There are two lipsticks in this range. Cardinal is a bright red packaged in metallic chrome; Vanity is a balm that looks black in a sleek gun-shaped container but is transparent when applied. These sex-toy-looking lipstick cases weigh nearly 10 ounces each (which is to say, they’re pretty heavy, size does matter, etc.) and retail for $95. Users are advised to use caution, as the average American may be quick to look sideways at this product if seen using it in public.

This isn’t the first time French has brought NSFW visuals to the realm of makeup. She’s toying with the BDSM concept in her brand’s “industrial” line, where mascaras and serums are topped with silver circular “piercings.”

For “Lips,” the brand tapped Malaysian photographer Zhong Lin to shoot a campaign featuring appropriate product close-ups, starring models Ajok Deng and Kairi Tokoro.

The Isamaya Lips collection will be available online at Isamaya.com, with additional colorways coming in the coming months.