My child is a “mean girl”: Experts have analyzed what parents can do-and why boys also have the same sense of guilt

My child is a “mean girl”: Experts have analyzed what parents can do-and why boys also have the same sense of guilt

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If your child is the victim of the so -called “mean girl” behavior, there are many literatures to introduce how to do it. But if you find that your child is a thin girl, what will you do? Maybe the school managers call you, saying that your daughter bullys others, or other parents shared her gossip about her child. Maybe you find a vicious text message when monitoring her smartphone. No matter what the source is, these messages may be difficult to digest at the beginning.

Serve youth. “Make a beautiful deep breath, don’t panic. To be open, you must be curious, because this is a really helpful opportunity.”

Blach promoted a seminar and group meeting with girls, where they often lead dialogue to the internal operation of friendship and struggle related to it. If you find that your child is not so good in front of his peers, you will want to fundamentally understand why she has such a performance. It is possible that this has little to do with the target child, and it has a greater relationship with your child’s feelings.

For example, gossip is usually not due to harmful intentions. On the contrary, the parties involved are usually unknowingly to enhance each other’s feelings in this way.
“Blaic said:” People take gossip as a way to feel close to someone, let them know the information they know. “Ask your child, is there any other way to feel close to your friends without talking about this person?

Bryic also suggested using this opportunity to strengthen your own family values. For example, the conflict between you or your friends in your work, and how you deal with these conflicts. Point out the conflict on TV and discuss with your children how they will act in this case.

“Children are always listening,” Bleich said. “Even if they turn their eyes, they are accepting everything.”
This mean girl’s behavior usually appears in the middle school stage. At that time, adolescence began, and all these emotions would emerge strongly. Bryic said that this bad behavior usually disappears around the 10th grade. At this time, young people often have more self -confidence and have a better understanding of how to control interpersonal relationships.

But before that, Blach said that parents should understand an important fact: boys can be as thin as girls.
“I hate the word” mean girl “, because it hates a woman so much,” Blach said. “Girls are thought to be part of their social dynamics. We don’t say ‘He is a bad boy’. It does not have the same [weight].”

Blach explained that some of the reasons for girls to get bad evaluations is that girls often invest more emotionally in their friendship. They usually care about the dynamics of friendship and emphasize small groups.

Maryland’s therapist and health expert Costini Conley, who specifically helps young people, said that it is important to remember that the behavior of thin girls is a way of communication.

“She said:” A child will have such behaviors for a reason. Whether it is to gain popularity, whether they have become the goal, or they try to integrate into a crowd of a thin girl mentality. “Take a step back and look at a larger picture. Many times, this is a game of power. That child tries to put himself on the social status they think.”

Conley told Yahoo’s life that few people were actually mean to make others sad. She suggested that parents, if your child is labeled with a thin girl, do not respond to excessive and humiliating her. On the contrary, make a simple conversation with your child, find out the truth of the matter, and help them look at this situation from another angle.

Conley said that online exchanges and social media have also promoted the flames of the mentality of thin girls. More monitoring can help in this department so that parents know what their children are spending and what behaviors they see.
“Kangli said:” Look at the online communication with your child. “This is a good way to find out whether your child is a despicable person.”